Avoiding risks while making ATM cash deposit | Eveafrique Magazine
Deposits at Automatic Teller Machines can be convenient, and they almost always work fine. However, you may run into trouble or have doubts about deposit ATMs. Are they safe? Do they have special rules? Learn about a few pitfalls of ATM deposits so you can avoid unpleasant surprises, according towww.thebalance.com. The safety of ATMs for deposits For the most part, yes, your deposits should show up without error. However, you should consider the consequences of an error. If you are making a large deposit or if you are in danger of bouncing cheques, the ATM might not be your best choice. From time to time, there will be errors. You might not experience these errors in your lifetime, and most problems will be resolved easily by your bank, but you are dealing with a machine that may make a mistake. You can find plenty of horror stories about deposits that went horribly: money vanishes immediately after going in the slot, there is no record of the deposit, and so on. If your