When the Stars Align: The Miracle of Dike Ezeanya. | Eveafrique Magazine
No one feels the fear of almost losing a child more than a mother willing to sacrifice all for those she loves, especially her children. Chinwe Ezeanya found herself in this position when her only son was diagnosed with congenital liver disease. This led her to write one of the most emotional books 'More than a Miracle' in which she tells the story of her trying journey of fighting to see her son live. It started right from birth. Born on January 7, 2008, the next year of his life would be one not many people survived. The baby boy had an unhealthy appearance, his health concerned his mother who took him to many doctors as she revealed but he was misdiagnosed. It was not until she finally approached an old and trusted consultant paediatrician when her son was about three months old that the real problem was discovered, the source of his illness was finally revealed. The desperate mother and her baby found themselves in India for a proper diagnosis and possible cure but the only