Unit 78: Rescued | Evangeline Anderson
A cyborg soldier with one mission: To rescue an innocent girl from a vicious cult But in order to fulfill his duty, he must do the unthinkable. Can Rich and Kyrin find each other when they are lost in the Breeding Compound? Unit 78, formerly Corporal Richard Hardgraves, is a Cyborg with a mission: to rescue the Amiral's daughter from the dreaded Tr'Low Cult on Beacon 5. The Tr'Lows have a prophesy that a half-metal man will come from the sky and father the perfect child on a chosen bride — Rich tells himself he will play the part just long enough to grab the girl and run. Kyrin Pierce is a Peace Keeper with IPKA — the Interstellar Peace Keeping Association. Lured to Beacon 5 by a fake call, she was captured and now she is being prepared for an unspeakable ceremony. She too plays into the Tr'Low prophecy because of her flame-red hair. As the priestesses of the cult inject her full of hormones to drive her wild with need, she has nearly given up hope of escape. Rich might be