Bonding with the Beast | Evangeline Anderson
Isobel Yates is a single mom just trying to make ends meet and has no romantic prospects. Thank goodness she has friends on the Kindred Mother Ship who want to introduce her to a hot, Kindred warrior! There's just one problem — he's a Dark Kindred and since his people tried to take over the Earth not that long ago, Isobel isn't sure she can see past his big, scary exterior and trust him not only with her own heart, but with the safety of her young son. Hail is still learning to deal with emotions. On his home planet of Z4 they were outlawed but here on the Mother Ship, he's allowed to feel for the first time in his life. He doesn't dare feel too much though — part of his DNA is that of a Bolaxian Beast — a race of semi-sentient beings known for their fierce breeding lust and blinding battle rage. He keeps his emotion damper turned on to be certain the beast that lives inside him never gets free. When Isobel and Hail meet, sparks fly when it turns out they have been