Anyone U Want | Evangeline Anderson
What can you do when you're in love with your hot Billionaire boss and you know you can't have him? Make an android of him, of course. Holly Sparks is the plus-sized assistant to Grant Harris the Third—the billionaire magnate of the largest hovercar company in the world. She's dying for a chance to be dominated by her sexy, unobtainable boss but she knows she's not his type. While on a business trip to the moon, Holly visits Anyone U Want Androids Inc.—a company that promises to make a life-like android replica of anyone. It might cost her entire Christmas bonus but to Holly it's worth it to have kinky sex with a man she knows she'll never have—even if it's not really Grant. Grant Harris the Third might appear to have it all but there's one thing he can't have—his curvy little assistant Holly. Grant is sure his need to sexually dominate a woman would scare the timid Holly away and he doesn't want that—better to have her in his life as an assistant than not