Technology Was Created
Technology Was Created Technology had a slow start. The first tools, rough hewn, stones, over 2 million years old - mark the birth of mankind. Perhaps a million years later, man mastered fire. Around ten thousand years ago technology excellerated. The first towns inspired a stream of inventions: metallurgy, spinning, pottery, the wheel. The first tools, found in Kenya, were round, smooth stones dashed against a rock to produce a ragged edge that could be used to hack up meat. Tools found in Tanzania later were of a better quality. From chopper to stone tools probably took over a million years. From carefully shaped ax heads to precise surgical instruments, took 300.000 years. ALSO READ: When Technology Surpasses Humanity Farming was the basic step towards a civilization. About 9000 BC. Some hunters in the Middle East learned to domesticated wild animals and harvest wild grain. These farmers found out how to increase yields by turning the soil, first with sticks and then with hoes and