Should Technology Be Limited
Should Technology Be Limited Is it going feel odd to have limited access to certain technological device and contents? When schools, company or homes limit the use of technology in classes, offices or homes, we do vehemently express our disapproval of it. The issue of if technology should be limited has been received with mixed reactions. So I decide to contribute to this hotly debated topic, and below are some of the reasons why I maintain that technology should be limited. But before I go in properly, let's throw a little light on what LIMIT is all about. The limit is placing a restriction on the level, amount or access to a particular thing. Limiting technology is placing a restriction on the usage and accessibility of technological tools. Limiting Technology which is the subject matter of this article can be said to be the principles that control the activities and use of technological tools by humans. Now for the main events..... also read: Did Technology Change Our Lives