Can Technology Cause Cancer
Can Technology Cause Cancer Can Technology Cause Cancer? Technology versus cancer has been out of the widely discussed issue in the modern health sector. Various reports and theories have contributed to the debate without reaching a generalized conclusion. The question of if Technology can cause cancer which formed the basis of our discussion is a very positive one. Yes, some modern technological tools can cause cancer. But firstly let's define and throw a little light on the subject matter "Cancer" Cancer is simply put as 'an abnormal multiplication of cells in a viral way'. It can be said to mean an uncontrolled and unrestricted division of growth of cells in a human body. As cells within a human body multiply, cancer grows. Cancer starts when gene changes make one cell or a few cells to grow and multiply too much, which often lead to a growth called a tumor. The first place within the body that cancer starts is known as the 'a primary tumor', as it spread to another area of the