Vanderbilt Cribs by Vanderbilt Hustler
Story by Angelica Lasala and Paxton Gammie Photos by Angelica Lasala and Ziyi Liu, Photography Director On a Saturday afternoon, Mayfield 18 looks relatively similar to most others on Highland Quad. The common room is filled with chairs and a couch, all placed in front of the TV, and members of the Mayfield gather around, watching whatever’s on and joking around. It’s a simple space. Fun and welcoming, but simple. Now, fast forward to that night, and this simple area transforms into a concert venue. Within a few hours, the corner that used to have a chair now has a full drum set, and in front of it there are two mic stands, a keyboard, and several guitars. With mood lighting provided by the “Open” sign hanging above the band, sound blares both inside and a 20-feet radius around Mayfield 18. Delaney Wilson and his band The Candid are playing a concert for nearly 100 students. “Seriously, you haven't experienced life in the Mayborhood until you‘ve rocked out to ‘Dani California’ and ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ with 100 people in a space designed for 10,” Wilson said.