Mumford & Sons sell out Bridgestone by Vanderbilt Hustler
Story by Kara Sherrer, Life Editor Photos by Julia OrdogMost Vanderbilt students spent their Friday night hemmed inside the metal gates of Rites of Spring, fist-pumping to EDM music on a beer-soaked Alumni Lawn. But just two miles away, another more prominent (though less beer-soaked) concert took over Bridgestone Arena: Mumford & Sons “Arrow Through the Heartland” tour, which is the newest step in the band’s attempted evolution from folk quartet to full-fledged indie rock band. As showtime approached, fans queued up outside the concession stands, trying to purchase their food and drinks before opener Blake Mills kicked off the concert. Managers flagged down attendees purchasing bottled drink, explaining that the headliner has a clause in its contract that prohibits bottle caps being taken into the arena, so concessions staff must remove the caps before surrendering the bottles. Apparently, the band has previously had issues with drunk fans pelting them with bottle caps. What Mumford asks for, Mumford receives.