Cafe con Leche 2016 by Vanderbilt Hustler
Story by Sophie Jeong, Life reporterPhotos by Bosley Jarrett, Design director Students and families packed into Langford Auditorium on Saturday for the Cafe con Leche cultural showcase, the largest annual event hosted by the Vanderbilt Association of Hispanic Students (VAHS). After being held at Student Life Center last year, the show moved back to Langford this year to host a larger audience. “Traditionally the show had been in Langford Auditorium, but the co-chair last year Justin Colon wanted to give the show more intimate feel last year (and) have the show happen at the same time as the dinner,” this year’s event co-chair Rebecca Trabanino said. “But we sold out of tickets, and it was really crammed. So this year we decided to go back to the traditional format of dinner and then the show at Langford.”