What is a VPN and why do we still need it in China?
It's 2015, yet sometimes I feel we are still living in the last decade. During which time China's Golden Shield Project really ramped up and blocked foreign content on mass. Not a week goes by without a news story with yet another media site blocked from access in the Mainland. Recently The Guardian's front page had become unavailable to China, with many stories and editorials seeing intermittent access. This comes after The Guardian published information on relatives of top officials shoring up vast sums of cash in the Caribbean. I don't want to link to the story, purely to keep our website unblocked within China. But you can Google this story to read further. View image | It strikes me that the Chinese leadership still don't get how information, especially related to internal problems are going seem invisible to the rest of the country. May I remind you that China has a population of almost 1.4 billion, with almost 600 million having regular access to the internet. China also has the largest social networks in the world, which means information can spread like a wildfire. My question is, by blocking internal access to these sorts of news stories, who [...]
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