The End Has Arrived
We will be leaving for the airport in just a few hours to fly home. We will have been away for 323 days, just over a month shy of a full year. We have been to Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). Being away from home for so long has, most of the time, been surprisingly easy. We have obviously had a couple of low points where we would have preferred to have been at home, surrounded by our home comforts and family. These times were normally when we were ill or injured though so it quickly wore off! Since we booked our flights home, we began to feel a bit excited but also a bit apprehensive. Leaving home was a big step, but we had a plan. Going home is just as big, but this time we don't really have a plan. Well we do, but it's not all down to what we decide to do. We have so many memories and stories of all the highs (pandas, Myanmar) and lows (food poisoning, scooter accident). It has been an amazing year away, and we have so many more things to share. Once we are home, we will have a reliable [...]
Escaping The Desk