Bitcoin nova. Segura, privada, imposible de rastrear desde el 2017. |
Introduction Bitcoin nova (BitcoinN) Ticket BTN is a cryptocurrency started on October 23, 2017. Bitcoin-N is not a fork Bitcoin and uses the unique algorithm CryptoNight. based on CryptoNote technology | . Bitcoin nova team's main focus create a currency that makes a site in the Blockchain ecosystem. Why the name of Bitcoin-N? Bitcoin-N is born with that name as a result of the union of Bitcoin + Night, bitcoin for being a crypto and Night of the argorithm that has, CryptoNight. After a vote and the expansion of the devs, the project is called "bitcoin nova" starting with a good road map and an ascent to the moon. What is sought? Where will Bitcoin-N end? We seek to create something big and respectable, something that everyone who has it feels proud, we want this Bitcoin-N in all possible exchanges and have a site in ecosystem and world of the cryptocurrency Specifications Algorithm - CryptoNight Block time - 120 seconds (2 minutes)