[ANN] Bitcoin Nova. Secure, Private, Untraceable since 2017-2019 |
Nova (BTN) is a cryptocurrency started on October 23, 2017. Bitcoin Nova is not a fork Bitcoin and uses the unique algorithm CryptoNight. based on CryptoNote technology | . Bitcoin Nova team's main focus create a currency that makes a site in the Blockchain ecosystem. Why the name of Bitcoin-N?Bitcoin-N is born with that name as a result of the union of Bitcoin + Night, bitcoin for being a crypto and Night of the argorithm that has, CryptoNight.After a vote and the expansion of the devs, the project is called "Bitcoin Nova" starting with a good road map and an ascent to the moon.What is sought? Where will Bitcoin Nova end?We seek to create something big and respectable, something that everyone who has it feels proud, we want this Bitcoin Nova in all possible exchanges and have a site in ecosystem and world of the cryptocurrencySpecifications Algorithm - CryptoNight light v7Block time - 120 seconds (2