Who Are These Lucky Dudes Who Get To Sleep With These Models? - Entertainment Seeker
My boys and I always used to wonder the same thing every time we’d be perusing down the street looking for women and saw an insanely hot one – and that was “Who’s the lucky guy who gets to f*ck her?!” Like, there are some crazy hot women in this world, and as a straight, warm-blooded, man’s man – I can’t help but to want to know who gets to get with them. After all, the more I figure that out, the closer I come to learning what it takes for me to be that lucky guy. So you can imagine what I must have been thinking when I got my hands on a full list of the hottest women in the world’s (Victoria’s Secret models) boyfriends, and husbands. I couldn’t wait to find out who they are, what they look like, how they dress, and especially, what they do. Not to my surprise, they’re some of the world’s biggest rock stars, Instagram stars, startup stars, essentially – all rich and famous and not lowly Internet article writers like me *sad face*. Anyway, if you have that same thought too and want to know who’s getting with the world’s hottest models, then check out this full list right here. Get ready to eat your heart out, boys.