The Best Athlete Rappers Of All-Time - Entertainment Seeker
It’s a well known fact that rappers want to be ballers, and ballers want to be rappers. And while Biggie or Drake couldn't cross-up a pylon to save their life, you’d be surprised as just who in pro sports can pro rap. There are dudes in the NBA and NFL that could totally set your new playlist, they’re that good at rapping. But don’t take our word for it. Take a true connoisseur of both basketball and hip-hop – the one and only Metta World Peace. Formally known as Ron Artest, Ron’s been in the NBA for almost 2 decades, and he’s seen, and heard it all. And being from Queensbridge, Ron knows a thing about the street, and who’s got game – in both ball and rap. So get your Soundcloud ready, load up YouTube in a tab, and have a listen on who’s the best pro-athlete rappers of all-time – according to Metta World Peace that is.