Videos Lessons: www.youtube.com/JenniferESL | ENGLiSHCiRCLE
Jennifer is an American teacher who is publishing high quality English videos lessons on YouTube. The material is excellent and there are over 110 videos to watch on various topics from Vocabulary to Grammar and including Pronunciation. In particular, I highly recommend this series on lessons (below) on Pronunciation. If you work through this series and do the exercises the entire way you listen to English will completely change and, in time, your pronunciation will improve dramatically. Lesson 6a - WORD STRESS Lesson 6b - WORD STRESS Lesson 6c - WORD STRESS Lesson 6d - WORD STRESS Lesson 7a - THOUGHT GROUPS Lesson 7b - THOUGHT GROUPS Lesson 8a - STRESS PATTERNS Lesson 8b - STRESS PATTERNS Lesson 8c - STRESS PATTERNS Lesson 9a - ADVANCED STRESS PATTERNS Lesson 9b - ADVANCED STRESS PATTERNS Lesson 9c - ADVANCED STRESS PATTERNS Lesson 10a - INTONATION Lesson 10b - INTONATION Lesson 10c - INTONATION Lesson 10d - INTONATION