The Learning English Video Project | ENGLiSHCiRCLE
The Learning English Video Project is a unique 7-part series of documentary films about people learning English in different countries around the world. Made by independent UK filmmaker Daniel Emmerson, the series features students from across the world who have different methods and reasons for learning English. "The Internet is such a splendid tool for communicating with people and finding out how people are doing things differently all over the world. I want The Learning English Video Project to really be a part of that. " says Daniel Emmerson, Director of The Learning English Video Project. Each film averages 15 minutes in length, and is available with and without English subtitles. THE FILMS Encounters in the UK (17 minutes) "You sleep on it and next day you feel...yeah, something got in, you know?" Encounters in the UK is the 7th and final film in this documentary mini-series. It tells the story of four girls from different countries who travel to Cambridge in England to