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A glossary, or rather glossaries are your keys to specialised vocabulary. Merriam-Webster excellent English dictionary define a glossary as: a dictionary of the special terms in a particular field or job. Proz.com is a great source for glossaries. Here is a list of French to English Glossaries Here is a list of English to French Glossaries Here is a list of Financial Glossaries Here you can browse a large variety of glossaries Here is a French-English Business Glossary with words from the finance, commerce, administration, marketing fields, etc. Here are a French-English "Anglais des Affaires" and English-French "Business English" Glossaries Here is an extensive list of Glossaries by subject Here a list of French-English Dictionaries and Glossaries for Computing and Information Technologies Remember that to find specialised vocabulary you just need to search for: English to French financial glossary English to French computing and information technologies glossary English to