[Remember those!] Introduction of 10 Typical Folding Techniques |
Introduction of 10 Typical Folding Techniques Hello! I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke! KARAKURIJAPAN introduces traditional Japanese cultures day by day. Today’s article is about one of the traditional cultures, origami. You can Make Various Things just from a Piece of Origami Paper! Origami has been played with since over 200 years ago in Japan. You can make really various things from origami such as objects, animals and even humans. Source:http://omajinaigod.com/571/ There are some typical techniques for folding origami. And if you remember those techniques, you can make origami works well. So, in this article, I’ll show 10 of the typical folding techniques. We often use those techniques for origami lectures, so let’s learn them! 10 Typical Folding Techniques https://youtu.be/jyxI9Wp3HwU I’ll introduce those one by one. You can understand easily if you watch the video. Please watch it! 1.“Inside