Op-Ed | Emmanuel Burgin
A Chicano in Prague Oppression: Whether communist, fascist or economic, the power to degrade people's lives speaks the same language. Los Angeles Times August 30, 1996|EMMANUEL BURGIN | Emmanuel Burgin is a contributing writer to El Sol de San Diego newspaper. He recently returned to San Diego from Prague where he completed his first novel and began research on a second. PRAGUE — Am I the first Chicano in Prague? Rudolfo Anaya, the esteemed Chicano writer, can lay claim to being the first Chicano to travel to China. It's from "A Chicano in China," his journal of that journey, that I derive my title. Although it would be an accomplishment, something to tell the grandkids, I doubt that I am the first Chicano in Prague; we travel everywhere now, borders never having grasped our imagination, akin, perhaps, to the Native Americans' inability to conceptualize the owning of Mother Earth. My sojourn here to live among the people has been twofold: that I may begin to understand the effects