Twenty years after: From Wilson to Trump- Oppression finds its King | Emmanuel Burgin
by Emmanuel Burgin I wrote "A Chicano in Prague" upon my return from Prague twenty years ago. Arriving back in my home state of California, I was struck dumbfounded not only by Governor Pete Wilson's rhetoric on immigration but, also, by the many willing to follow him. And I found my mother fearful to venture outside even though she had been in the states legally for sixty-four years and had seen two sons serve in the U.S. military during the Vietnam era. Her fear stemmed from having seen two older brothers, although here in the states legally with workers permits, picked up by immigration officers and without due process of the law thrown into a box car on a train a mile long and shipped back to Mexico. So here I am, twenty years after, never realizing I had been on a slow march to oppression. So in deference to my family history please indulge me if I say that a racist, misogynist who espouses hate and surrounds himself with white supremacist will never be my king. I will resist. I