Me and Tony Gwynn | Emmanuel Burgin
Emmanuel Burgin At my local watering hole a bittersweet moment occurred. Chalked on the board of available beers was an AleSmith Tony's Take .394 named in the honor of the late great Padre Hall of Famer and his final batting average in the shorten baseball strike season of 1994. I had interviewed Tony a few days before the strike began; ending his bid to reach the .400 batting average last achieved in 1947 by baseball titan and Tony's idol Ted Williams. The strike also cancelled the World Series, something not even World War ll had done. The strike would become a black eye on America's pastime. As a reporter for a small local newspaper getting an interview with Tony in the midst of his great pursuit of baseball history would be no small feat. That summer day I took a seat in the dugout and nervously studied my notes and waited. When Tony stepped out of the clubhouse tunnel and into the dugout, I stood and introduced myself, and he quickly stated not today, come by tomorrow. Then up the