What Happened On the Comeback, Baby? | Emmanuel Burgin
What Happened On the Comeback, Baby? Your woman Says something About something And you can't hear It anymore So You're out the door Get in your Car And go south on The 5 But the traffic Backs up So you decide To go east And around it But Then you see The sign to Las Vegas And you know there Is some open road And six hours later You're at the crap table Crapping out On the Come Bet You turn and there is a fine Lady you once knew looking sorrowful Because she was Hoping you would have Won and taking her For a spin again And She lays A hand on your Chest And says Oh, What Happened On the Comeback, baby? Your mind is searching For something sharp To say But your mind Is dull And your body Tired And your only thought Is Do I have Enough gas To make it home Your life didn't Come out right Your phenom arm Gave out before You made it to The big leagues You Left the Game for a few Years Then tried a Comeback As an infielder But light hitting Infielders Are a dime A dozen You took a job As a