Something completed and another soon to start | Elke Cole
Usambara Mountains changing landscape roadside offerings Nov 22 Hot pink and blue are the roadside colors of Tanzania. They represent three large cellular providers Vodacom, TIGO, and Zain. The presence of their advertising shows up on tiny roadside stores to large block buildings painted in these colors that everyone knows. The busride from Dar to Arusha takes 9 hours on "kilimanjaro express". The landscape changes from the coastal flat land to red earth from which people make bricks, past vast areas of sisal plantation leaving the Usambara Mountains to the East. Looking West and North the view is wide open, small hills dotting the landscape. We only stopped once for a 15 min food break at Kerogwe - a rest stop with restaurant, toilets and vendors selling fruit and newspapers. Eventually towering clouds in front of us : Kilimanjaro is hiding. We drop passengers in Moshi and carry on to Arusha, another 70 km, now through green areas with rivers, small gorges and