Kijiji means Village | Elke Cole
Nov. 23 Masai compound from road It took hours to get out of Arusha; picking things up , shopping, waiting for people and traffic. Finally, around 1 we left town towards Kondoa region. Along a new paved road it was easy driving at first. We were crossing Masai land, where round houses in clusters dot the landscape and herds of cattle move about. Occasionally we got dangerously close to a goat or a cow crossing the road as we sped along in the Land Rover. Donkeys are plentiful too: Masai 4x4 Seppo said. Then the pavement ends and we drove alongside road construction for what seems like hours. Rough, bouncy, dusty- I was glad for the 4x4 vehicle and Seppo's knowledge of the road. The houses we drove past changed: square little brick houses with small fenced yards lined the streets in the villages. In the distance the edge of Ngorongoro park. On fresh pavement again: We reached the town of Babati. "No Mzungus here"said Seppo. There's a lake and a hotel on the edge of it- green