First post : still at home | Elke Cole
...in Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island, enjoying tea and late afternoon sun in front of moziro's coffeeshop. I begin this blog on this Tuesday- a week before I fly to Tanzania to continue the work with Baobab home in Bagamoyo and to start a new project in the Kondoa region. This trip will be my fourth time in Tanzania (stories and pictures from previous visits are here) and I look forward to reconnecting with everyone there. Once again the purpose of the trip is to help the projects along, and help takes different forms: Local organizations have asked me to consult and oversee the construction of buildings. This gives opportunities to train people there in Permaculture and Natural Building . We also host Volunteer camps, which brings people from other places to help out on the projects and raise funds. If enough money is raised we can hire more local people to finish the project and move occupants in. This blog will share what's happening and keep you connected if you choose. I