first days in Bagamoyo | Elke Cole
Just in case you were wondering: Mount Kilimanjaro does still have snow I left home on Wednesday around 2 pm. It took a couple of days ( traveling east I didn't count the hours), 4 flights and a 2 1/2 hr taxi ride to get to Bagamoyo. Everything went smoothly- that means no missed flights and all luggage appeared at the carousel in Dar Es Salaam. To top it all up I met someone at the airport who was traveling to Bagamoyo on business and offered a ride in his taxi. I arrived a Francesco's hostel early afternoon, Friday. They expected me- Terri had called- and gave me a room upstairs where I like it because the fresh breeze from the ocean comes into the space and I get a balcony. Rooms here have a comfortable double bed with a mosquito net and a fan, and a private bathroom with shower. Since I was here last year the management has changed. Now breakfast is included in the price (20 000 TSh). And this morning I found out that it's a good breakfast with coffee from a bodum, nice bread,