Orange Cones | ElizabethHagen.com
A joke here in South Dakota is that in the summer the state bird is the Crane. As in 'construction crane'. It is so true! We need to utilize the nice summer days to get the bulk of construction completed. In particular, the roads. It seems everywhere I go in Sioux Falls or on the Interstate there are those beautiful orange cones. When they come into sight I know I'm going to be sitting awhile. I always have 3 choices: Stay home and not go anywhere Drive my normal route and go through the construction which will make the drive at least twice as long. Learn a new route to avoid construction. They are all valid choices. But, here are the issues with #1 and #2: If you choose one of those it can be extremely frustrating and it will seem like you are going nowhere. At least with #2 you eventually get there but with #1 you never get to your destination. I like #3. Learn a new route, see a part of the city that is just 1-2 blocks off the main road, and have no frustration. In fact, I love #3