Turn around | ElizabethHagen.com
I popped on Facebook and I saw the memories option on my home page. I love that feature of Facebook. As I was scrolling through the past posts I saw this picture I took 5 years ago. 5 years! I feel like I've blinked and the time has passed. This picture makes me smile and cry at the same time. Cry because I miss my dad. Smile because I've had wonderful years with mom and I know mom will see dad soon. I see him waiting in Heaven's door and mom just needs to turn around and walk to him. We are told so often to look ahead. Don't look back. I totally agree - usually! But, sometimes the answer is behind us rather than in front of us. If you are struggling, turn around and look at your past successes and duplicate how you obtained them. If you've forgotten the goals you set for 2017, turn around and look at t your vision board and write down actions steps to achieve them. It's not too late. No vision board? You need to talk to me! Gotten off your movement and healthy eating plan? Turn