Let's go old school | ElizabethHagen.com
With all the electronic and battery-operated toys out there I find it quite amazing to see children play with what I call 'old school' toys. Do you remember Play-Doh?! Do you remember how fun it was? It's all about creativity with no electronic mechanism to help you. Last Saturday was Alexander's 3rd birthday and he received a fun Play-Doh cooking. Addilynn and Alex brought it over to my house and we had a blast. We had green and yellow french fries, red hamburgers, blue watermelon, and much more! Old school. I've been noticing it lately: A mom with three children drove by on their bikes and the mom was on an old-fashioned cruiser bike with the rear rack and front basket. Remember those? Remember the Crayola crayon boxes? Adult coloring is very popular. There are a plethora of coloring books with intricate pictures for adults to color and de-stress themselves. Sidewalk chalk. Two doors down lives a girl who uses chalk to make intricate drawings and phrases on their driveway. I