Just a little help might be nice | ElizabethHagen.com
Addilynn and Alexander were thrilled when their parents got them a fabulous swing set with a climbing wall! What could be better? I know in a matter of weeks Alexander will be doing this by himself. But, for right now, he needs a little help. Have you ever felt that way in your life or business? You could use just a little help right now? You know you'll be ok in the future but, for right now, you need some help. This was true for me with: Learning computer programs QuickBooks Giving webinars and teleclasses Designing Mind Maps Discovering the ins and outs of being a professional speaker Marketing Parenting ...the list could go on and on! Where could you use help? Please don't be afraid to ask. That's the issue. So often we struggle along on our own only to find if we had just asked - we'd be much further than we are right now. Live and learn! In 2011, I started looking back at my life and all I had learned. I started typing up the stories associated with the events and lessons