Jean Trends Spring 2018 | Elements of Image
Jeans are absolutely perfect for "Springtime in the Rockies" when you don't know what the weather will be from minute to minute. Sure, every Colorado girl I know, and every one of my Denver wardrobe-consulting clients has at least one pair of jeans. This post isn't about your basic, everyday jeans. Instead I'm highlighting several of the spring jean trends for 2018. While skinny jeans are now a classic, today I'll mostly be talking about other denim styles and details. Top Jean Trends for Spring 2018 Frayed Hems I can see the puzzled look on your face and know what you're thinking… "Explain this to me." Sure, you probably had frayed hems when you were a child and had to let the hems down on your jeans as you were growing, but this is different. Frayed hems on denim for 2018 are a fashion trend. It's simply for fun…something new! It's a casual look versus being overly polished. (If you're looking for polish, read on.) Frayed hem denim is fantastic in blue, black and light colors. I