10 Fashion Tips for Tall Gals | Elements of Image
Recently I asked my followers for blog post suggestions. My friend, Lida Citroen, asked for tips for tall gals, so to Lida and all other members of the “tall girl club,” here you go! While it’s still important to dress for your body type, most of the following tips are fairly universal for tall women. As you read, you will see that just like all other women, alterations make a huge difference in your clothing. 1. Be proud of your tall model-like height! And to that I add, if you want to wear heels, don’t hesitate! (A small caveat might be if you are looking to make partner in your firm, and most of the partners are short men… I’m just saying.) 2. Pant length is crucial! Your pants should only be ¼” to ½” off of the floor. Otherwise, unless you’re wearing capris or cropped pants, you risk looking like your pants shrunk or you outgrew them. This might mean buying “Talls” or letting the hems out of your existing pants. If there isn’t much hem to let down, your tailor can add seam tape to