WHAT WE DO | Elderly of the World
We do research into the phenomena of an aging world. The world is changing rapidly into a world with old people. In 2050 the world will know 25% of people older than 60, also having a live expectancy of 85. The number of new born children is diminishing day by day. To get older is seen as a fortunate circumstance in many societies, and even as a goal in itself. To actually be old clearly is perceived very differently. To be old in many societies means a disaster, you are in danger of being lonely, poor, sick and no longer part of society. We have long wondered how this change of life, a seemingly change of value of your life comes to be. To answer that question we started doing research in several countries, including Brazil, The Netherlands, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Uruguay and Cambodia. Very soon after starting this project we encountered the strong believes people in different societies have about the way it should be. As it is unbelievable in The Netherlands that elderly with Alzheimer