Visit to the Pagoda | Elderly of the World
This morning 5 AM we woke up to go to the Pagoda Wat Sampeou Meas, were we meet Sociology professor Sina at 5.30 AM. In the dark, it is an impressive sight to see the temple in lights, people in white blouses streaming towards the temple, flowers bought from the stall before the entrance and the preaching of the monk over the speakers. We are here to get into the question what role the Cambodian Buddhism playes in the lifes of old people. Many of them live in a Pagoda, temporarily or permanent, and at least visit the pagoda often on special Buddhist days.Today we are part of a ceremony, in which monks preach on how to life according to Buddha, and prayer is done on the principles of Buddhism. Indeed we see mostly elderly and women. All of them in white blouses, some of them with shaven heads and totally in white. After the prayer everybody goes to the front to offer their gifts of drinks food and money to the monks, and their flowers to Buddha. Behind the monks are elderly in white