Starting our research in Cambodia | Elderly of the World
To re-visit Cambodia after 4 years is a whole new adventure, things that formed our daily lives back in 2012 were dusty and forgotten. The moment we arrived in Phnom Penh, smelled the country, felt the heat as a blanket and entered a Tuk Tuk (scootertaxi) everything came back. The last time we were living here for only 2 months, I started my PhD research on dementia in Cambodia. And I soon discovered the dangers in a new society with pre fixed ideas and concepts, like the "sickness" dementia. Now we are back 3 months to full fill our joint research on elderly in different countries, with the main question: How is it to be old here? We found an apartment, settled in, found an assistant who speaks Khmer and English, but how to start? While walking our neighbourhood, we elderly people standing in shops, walking with bald heads in Buddhist clothes, begging on the streets, working at the market. The next day we met Professor Thy Naroeun, head of the Sociology department of the Royal Phnom