Reciprocity: taking care for each other | Elderly of the World
Taking care for someone contains a world of images, experiences of stories for everyone around the world. Some people have negative connotations, others positive. We have found that the meaning of taking care for each other is a very important difference between countries, especially between our country of origin, The Netherlands and the Kingdom of Cambodia. Somehow the image of taking care for elderly in my mind has become a one-way path: How to take care for our elderly? In our interview with Mr Sochoeun Chen, professor with the sociology faculty Phnom Penh and researcher for the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia, He brought a new depth to my idea about taking care. While we were talking on the importance of connecting the civil society with the NGO's and government, he started talking on his personal experiences with elderly as well. Sochoeun told us the story about his parents, and how he talks to them by phone often, even though they live in the province and he lives with his