Policy on elderly: trends in Cambodia 2 | Elderly of the World
As we do in other countries, we also research the current demographic trends and policy to find important developments and key issues. In a serie of 3 articles you can read about Cambodia. From all census and research information done in Cambodia, the following key issues are formulated: 1. Poverty Many elderly are living in poverty, with a lack of basic income. 2. Lack of affordable health care services Health care services are a huge expense for elderly, and many can not afford (enough) care. 3. Food security There is a decreasing living standard, mainly concerning food, when people get older. Elderly rely on support of their children mostly to provide enough food. 4. Migration Rural poverty and lack of income opportunities force adult children to migrate from the rural area to Phnom Penh and other cities. There is a growing group even emigrating to neighboring countries for work. Their aging parents are left in the rural village, mostly with their grandchildren to care for. Their