Policy on elderly: trends in Cambodia 1 | Elderly of the World
As we do in other countries, we also research the current demographic trends and policy to find important developments and key issues. In a serie of 3 articles you can read about Cambodia. Age group 1998 2008 2018 2038 2048 0 – 14 42.8 33.7 28.5 22.1 20.8 65+ 3.5 4.3 5.0 9.1 11.3 Source: calculated from census projection report 2010 The report of the Ministry of Planning on "Integration of demographic Perspectives in Development, Cambodia" (2013) showed the age transition seen worldwide is also happening in Cambodia. The proportion of elderly (65+) in the population has increased and is expected to be 10% in 2038, as a result of a lower birth rate and an increased life expectancy. Observations from census 2008 clearly show that: The family structure is more often nuclear, with only parents and their children living together. There is an increasing amount of females among the elderly population. There is a high level of illiteracy among elderly. Elderly have a high economic