Older people associations in Battambang | Elderly of the World
In every country we did research so far, we found different approaches of dealing with loneliness, sickness, income and social exclusion in the lives of elderly. In Cambodia, the main 2 care systems are the (extended) family, and the Buddhist religion in pagoda's. This leaves a lot of elderly uncared for, unable to meet even the most basic daily needs, like food, attention and health care. In Cambodia they found an approach that brings new solutions for the difficulties in old age.They started with Older People Associations, and idea by Helpage international, and initiated in Cambodia by Helpage Cambodia. In short, an Older People Association (OPA) is a local network of elderly people, who work together to: improve the dignity and quality of life of older people; encourage and motivate older people to help each other by providing a forum to discuss their problems, develop solutions and celebrate important holidays and events; encourage and promote community support for vulnerable