Melancholia: timeless Wednesday afternoons | Elderly of the World
In our research, and our way of researching elderly, my own images and feeling on being old come up more and more. This last week we have not written anything on our website, digesting the enormous amount of information we gathered in the last 3 months. One of the stories I like to share with you opens up a window to the feelings and images I as a person have on elderly, how these came about, and maybe even why I choose to work with elderly. It's about a woman called Doddy Broekhof (died 2005), although I called her 'oma Nietje'. She was not my real grandmother, a sort of adoption system working from my mother who entered her family of 5 sons as a friend in my mothers young days, and stayed around. I was thereby one of the grandchildren, and the only one who spend all of her free Wednesday afternoons in her house. Her house, her living room, her garden. The buffet with the endless amount of candy. Books of saving stamps, waiting to be stuck unto the empty pages. Cupboards full of