Hnok Kok | Elderly of the World
In the village of Sam Roang Snor, in Battambang province, we meet a married couple: Hnok Kok (80) and Mann Ean (85). They live together in a house in this village and have been living here for as long as they can remember. They never had children, that is why they live alone here. But they are very grateful for all the help they receive from people they met at the pagoda, from the OPA, from their neighbors. A friend helped rebuild their house with wood, where they first had only a house made out of plants. The OPA and Helpage constructed a water tank, so they would have enough clean water. When there is something wrong, or they have a pain or sickness, they call out to their neighbors for help. Last year Mann Ean fell down in the house, and her husband luckily saw her falling. She was unconscious and he cried for help. Many neighbors came and helped lay her down on the bed, and started massaging her until she regained consciousness. After that fall, she is in a lot of pain and lost