Helpage Cambodia | Elderly of the World
One of the riddles to solve is how elderly in governmental and NGO field of work seem non- existent. As head of sociology faculty Thy Naroeun said in our first meeting: "There are no elderly in Cambodia." Of all NGO's in Cambodia (over 300), there is only 1 of them focussed on helping older people. Their mission is quite clear: HelpAge works to empower older people and their communities to challenge age discrimination, ensure the continuation of an old-age inclusive society, and sustain economic and physical security. But still: only 1 NGO out of all active here in Cambodia: Helpage Cambodia. And the government does not seem to be active at all: there are no pension arrangements, no special health care facilities and no elderly focused governmental help. But the number of all people in Cambodia that are already over 65 years old,is growing fast. We had the opportunity to meet with executive director Tum Vira in Phnom Penh, he told us a lot about elderly in Cambodia. His organisation