Health care taken for granted: story of Nou Tab (89) | Elderly of the World
There are moments during our research that the comparison between our native country, The Netherlands, and Cambodia are too painful to ignore. Like a physical experience, the visits and encounters with elderly people in their environment give you more information then we will ever get from so much interesting and well-written articles. One concept in our research so far is the theme of health: how do you deal with sickness? In Holland, there is an governmental and private industry of care: systems that many Phd students promote on, due to the extensive and complex arrangements and structures. Here in Cambodia, we find a visible structure of hospitals in big cities, and health centers and clinics in rural areas. To show you some of this reality for elderly, we will introduce Mr Nou Tab (89). Living by himself, he has a lot of physical pain, preventing him from moving. Around his wooden bed he slowly moves and cooks in his house, and that is the limit of his access to the world. He