Have you ever a seen a Coca Cola commercial with a smiling 85 year old couple? | Elderly of the World
Have you ever seen a Coca Cola advertisement in which two smiling elderly of 85 years old look at each other, radiant, sipping on the same straw? Forget it. Our visual culture is focused on young body images. With a demography in which the vast majority is young this is the ideal, even for the elderly, and we find that quite normal. But demographics are ever changing, and according to the UN, we will see more people over 55 than young people in 2050. Does this mean that there is also something going to happen to the visual culture in particular and culture in general? It is just one of the things that will be a driving force and will have a huge impact on our culture. Our culture will change. When Ko Schuurhof introduced the AOW (elderdom pension) in The Netherlands under Drees II, demography was completely different. The law was written under these specific circumstances in 1956. Many workers, a few self-employed and most people die on their 67th. It is kind of ironic that Ko