Rafiquin Nabi | Elderly of the World
To meet Rafiqun Nabi, is to meet one of the co creators of the artistic scenery in Bangladesh. Born as the eldest of eleven, he saw paintings by his father since he was very young. His father was an artist at heart, but did not live in a time or place where he could be an artist in profession. He was a policeman. Rafiquin had a better environment, drawing since he was young, he could study at the newly founded University of fine arts in Dhaka, and got a scholarship to study art in Greece. He kept painting all his life, meanwhile making socially engaged cartoons and becoming the dean of the University of fine arts. He is now 72 years old, and lives with his wife in Mirpur, Dhaka. Their daughter is leaving for Australia with her husband and their granddaughter, to teach there. Their son and grandson have been living in London. Rafiqun has traveled around the world, everywhere looking to the people living there, and their habits, to portray. "It was a relaxing evening and we made a