Alexis' pick: An ode to Jean | Elderly of the World
Last week Sunday I had the pleasure of finally meeting the infamous Jean. A few weeks prior Sabya had called me, sounding slightly worried. She was trying to contact Jean via email and by calling his home phone for several weeks now and had not received any kind of response. According to Sabya, something was off. It is very unlike Jean to dismiss a phone call or email from her or Martijn. And thus the strange feeling in the pit of our stomachs and search for Jean was initiated from our studio in Amsterdam. Jean – a man I have never met, but felt I had come to know through stories and portraits by Martijn and Sabya. It soon became obvious that a simple name search on known search engines was not going to lead anywhere, and our resources were limited. With nothing to go on but a name, a phone number and an email address. By happy accident I found out about a company he had volunteered prior to his technological disappearance. Obviously, there are employee privacy regulations which