Breaking Seminar with Craig Pumphrey at Full Moon Martial Arts Indiana | Eclectics Pankration
THE WORLD'S GREATEST BREAKERS . . . NOW THE WORLD'S MOST INTRIGUING SHOW Craig Pumphrey, the founder of Eclectics Martial Arts and the Eclectics Breaking System, and his team will give you and your students a demonstration you will never forget. YOUR STUDENTS WILL DISCOVER: • How to use their techniques to reach incredible levels they never dreamed possible • The proper foot placement and body movement to execute a strike through their target • The types of frames and proper setup for each break • Techniques other marital arts schools aren't teaching • And so much more Be a part of this one-of-a-kind breaking seminar . Craig Pumphrey and Ivan Dale are National and World Champions in the sport of breaking. Call or email us to reserve your spot today and learn the skills of breaking form the very best in the world. Pricing and group rates available upon request
Eclectics Pankration